Office Catering For A Memorable Night

Art of Catering is a reputable company that is specialized in the hospitality industry. It is located on 50 Lamington Avenue, Ascot, Brisbane, Queensland, 400, Australia. It boasts of having provided professional food service for over ten years in Brisbane. The company has a unique and effective food philosophy and sustainability strategy and that is the main reason why they have managed to survive in the volatile hospitality industry for so long. It is the face of Corporate Catering Brisbane. Art of Catering are the best office caterers in Brisbane with regard to providing solutions for daily functions to total events.

Reasons to trust their services

There are several reasons as to why clients should fully trust the services offered by Art of Catering, some of the main ones include the following:


It has a wealth of experience of having provided professional food services for over a decade. This qualifies them to competently handle the various challenges that the industry faces from time to time. Experience is an invaluable asset and consumers who use the services offered by Art of Catering can benefit from it.


The company is fully licensed and recognized by the Brisbane City Council to provide consumers with offsite catering services. This means that clients can be sure that the services they are getting are up to standards set by the relevant authorities. It has a reliable Food Safety Program that adheres to the strict health regulations stipulated by the authorities.


Office cateringIt has employed a team of qualified chefs that are committed to their work. It also highly skilled and driven event and front of house managers. These individuals are experienced in corporate events that require high professionalism. In fact, they are the best office caterers in the entire Brisbane region.

Why use their services

There are a number of good reasons why clients should use the services offered by Art of Catering, this is part from the fact that they are the best office caterers in the area. These include the following:


The company believes in contributing to the global efforts of going green. This is the main reason why it has invested in using packaging products that are biodegradable. This goes a long way in decreasing the overall foot print.


Art of Catering is keen on recycling wherever it is possible. Furthermore, they strive to reduce waste produced by their food products in a bid to preserve the environment.


The company does not believe in wastage. This is why it gives back to the community by working in tandem with Oz Harvest to redistribute excess products to the less fortunate in society.


It has heavily invested in a modern refrigerated fleet that is regularly serviced for optimum performance. This ensures that the farm produce brought into their kitchen for preparing meals remains fresh to the point it is cooked. Clients can therefore be guaranteed of consuming fresh and well stored food.

Organic produce

Art of Catering uses only market fresh ingredients in preparing dishes and drinks. It has numerous sources of ingredients that are produced locally. It usually insists on organic produce because it values the health of its clients.

Days Delivery

It provides delivery services to their esteemed clients to both the airport and inner city areas.


It uses a technology that allows clients to edit orders, update and even conveniently track them online. In addition, consumers can securely pay for their services through their online platform that is characterized by a user-friendly interface.


It provides clients with delicious meals and drinks that are sold at affordable rates compared to the generous servings that customers enjoy.



It has an array of services that consumers can benefit from, the notable ones are listed below:

  1. Corporate events – The company allows clients to manage their corporate needs through their reliable online platform. Furthermore, they have custom cuisine that fit corporate events and are guaranteed to impress your guests.
  2. Wholesale and contracts
  3. Events management – It organizes weddings, Christmas parties, sporting events, festival markets and conferencing events. They perform logistics planning, operational planning as well as creative concept and design planning.
  4. Venues – It can organize for clients some of the very best venues in the entire Brisbane for their corporate functions.
  5. Gourmet meals home delivered


Simple Paleo Crock Pot Recipes To Improve Your Health

Diet affects many aspects of one’s life. This is a truth that many know of, but most simply choose to ignore it. For most, it is easier and more convenient to eat the unhealthy but otherwise tasty foods that the world offers them at every turn. However, studies show that it is paramount that you put some thought into what you feed your body with every single day. Healthy diet is associated with a more balanced and fulfilling life. It is for this reason that paleolithic nutrition exists. It is one of the healthiest diets known to man. It focuses on eating foods that have been proven to be beneficial to the body.

Paleo diet includes generous amounts of fruits and vegetables, lean meats and healthy fats. History shows that eating such foods is the basis of good health and a good and long life. Further, research shows that following a Paleo diet can also greatly reduce the risk of getting the so- called genetic and lifestyle diseases such cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Those who follow a Paleo diet are also strongly discouraged from eating highly processed and sugar packed foods that are often nutrition deficient. Without a shred of doubt, a Paleo diet is a fountain of health.

Two Delicious Paleo Crockpot Recipes

Since Paleo diet encourages one to source their proteins from lean meats, crockpot cooking is quite popular among those who stick to a Paleo diet. Not only are these meals tasty and nutritious, preparing them is also time saving and extremely convenient. Once the ingredients are put in the crockpot, you are virtually free until it is time to serve the food. Nothing spells convenience better. Here are a few Paleo crockpot recipes:

1. Slow cooker chicken chili

This is a family meal that you can prepare in about five or so minutes, then leaving it cooking for an average of seven hours. To prepare a dish that will serve about six people, you will need:

  • 12 pieces of skinless and boneless chicken
  • 1 medium yellow onion, chopped
  • 1 large red pepper, chopped
  • 1 16 ounce Italian tomatoes
  • 1 16 ounce jar of salsa, preferably homemade
  • 2 table spoons of chili

First, chop the chicken into small pieces, and pop them into the cooker. Then coat them with chili powder and add the onion and pepper. Add the tomatoes and the salsa, and keep stirring. Then put the lid on and set the slow cooker. If you are cooking under low heat, let the meat cook for six to eight hours. If you are cooking on high heat, then let it cook for about four to six hours. Generally, the longer it cooks, the tastier it will be. Serve it with cauliflower rice or lettuce leaf wraps. Enjoy.

2. Beef with root veggies and kale

This is yet another meal that can be prepared in a short period of time, and is delicious and satisfying. To prepare it, you will need the following:

  • crock pot beef stew14 oz. of beef steak
  • 2 carrots
  • 2 red onions
  • celeriac
  • 6 garlic cloves
  • Sea salt
  • Swede
  • Pepper
  • Water
  • 4 handfuls of kale

First, prepare the ingredients. Chop the beef, carrots and onions. Then remove the skin of the swede and celeriac and chop them into cubes. Add beef to the cooker, followed by the garlic, carrots, onions, celeriac and swede. Add the salt and pepper, and water to a depth of roughly two inches. Set the cooker and let it cook for about six hours. Before the food is ready to eat, place the kale on top and let it cook for about ten minutes. Enjoy your meal. You can find more recipes at

The benefits of Paleo crockpot dishes

beef goulashIt is easy to conclude that preparing Paleo dishes is easy from the above Paleo crockpot recipes. It consumes very little of your time and effort. However, the convenience is not the best part about these dishes; it is that these foods come laden with many health benefits. For one thing, following a Paleo diet stabilizes your blood sugar levels while at the same time providing balanced energy throughout the day. This diet also improves your immunity and also helps fight autoimmunity, which can be rather devastating. Moreover, sticking with a Paleo diet guarantees that you will have better sleeping patterns. These foods are also some of the most potent anti- oxidants, and they also help burn excess fats. And ultimately, a Paleo diet is a sure way to steer clear of degenerative diseases.

Fourteen Studies

Over the past three decades or so, the US has seen autism rise from 1 in 10,000 kids to 1 in 110; a 9000% increase which calls for great concern over what could be the possible cause of this rise. Although some doctors and researchers have linked the rise in autism with early vaccination, public health officials and vaccine manufacturers have constantly denied these suggestions as mere hypothesis with no real root. In a recent research undertaking, fourteen studies were carried out to try and determine if there was any link between vaccines and autism. Vaccine manufacturers Sanofi Aventis, through their spokesperson Amanda Peet asserted that there was no association found between vaccination and autism. The manufacturers also strongly believe researchers elsewhere can emulate the same studies and find the same conclusion of non-association. However, there has been a correlation between autism and air pollution. It’s imperative to use the best air purifier to keep the air clean.

Can vaccines cause autism?

Although highly paid spokesmen and public health officials, vaccines and autism have no real connection and it is all in the minds of those who suggest such hypotheses. As a matter of fact, the fourteen studies conducted was sufficient proof that vaccines do not cause autism in kids, or was it?

In order to understand the debate of whether vaccination leads to autism or not, it is important to look at the broader spectrum. There are spokesmen and health officials with a known conflict of interest making them biased in their support for or against the suggestions brought up in the debate. You will also find officials and representatives with genuine concern and facts to support their conclusions. As aforementioned, autism has risen by some 9000% over the last 30 years. The number of autistic kids was definitely expected to rise with increasing population, but these numbers are just unacceptable and cannot be justified by increasing population. According to another statistics, vaccination given to kids has increased by 260% over the same period. Back in the 80s, children only needed 10 vaccines to stay safe from various kinds of infections and attacks. Today, they take some 36 vaccines and are given 6-7 different kinds within their first year at two, four, six and twelve months old. Does this mean vaccines and autism are related in one way or another? Although these records may insinuate something, the answer is not any close and more research is needed to draw that conclusion.

The drawbacks of fourteen studies

Many public health officials and those in the vaccine manufacturing industry strongly support the Fourteen Studies conclusions that there is no association between autism and vaccines. However, those who think, or seek to prove otherwise have raised strong arguments and there are just too many drawbacks in the Fourteen Studies to ignore these claims. They include the following;

• Insufficient study

Firstly, there has never been a real study conducted on the vaccine schedule and only one (of the eleven) vaccine was studied. The research was based on MMR which is one among many vaccines. The conclusion therefore should be on MMR non-association with autism and not all vaccines as suggested. There are other studies on Thimerosol-containing vaccines but this also is narrowed to one ingredient found in vaccines.

• Biased comparison

The studies do not compare vaccinated with unvaccinated children, but rather compares only those who were given the vaccine MMR. This is comparable to researching tobacco’s association with cancer by analyzing patients taking one pack against those taking 2 packs. It is impossible to draw accurate conclusions based on incomplete studies. It would yield better research if unvaccinated children were also compared in the studies.

• Rife within the study

There are various conflicts of interest involving the results of such studies. On one hand, there are paid authors and spokesmen who publicly claim no association between vaccines and autism; on the other, foreign governments are charged with illegally administering vaccines. Clearly, Pharma products earn massive revenue for companies and the government. This could partly be the reason for the misrepresentation of study conclusions.

• False conclusions

The research studies draw false conclusion that do not answer the real question. According to the “hypothesis”, the question should be “does vaccines cause autism?” Apparently, the paid researchers cannot satisfactorily answer this question.

Research studies for a connection?

From the above concerns, it is important to seek other ways of determining the relationship between vaccination and disability disorders. The existence of drawbacks is still not sufficient to discredit the conclusions made. However, other research studies reveal there are connections between vaccines and autism. Here is a look at some of them;

1) Hepatitis vaccines increase the risk of autism and ADHD up to 9 times
Back in September 2008, Carolyne Gallager together with Melody Goodman published a research study named Toxicological-and-Environmental-Chemistry. In their study, they determined that children who received the three shots of Hepatitis B vaccines had a 9X the risk of developing ADHD diseases such as autism. The study compared vaccinated and unvaccinated children between 1 and 9 years.

2) Vaccines increase the chances of autism and ADHD
In one of the largest phone surveys conducted on the debate named Generation Rescue vaccinated and unvaccinated boys were compared. It was determined that vaccination increased the chances of developing neurological disorders by 155%, autism by 61% and ADHD by 225%. In older boys (11-17), the survey revealed risk increment by 158%, 112% and 317% respectively.

3) Delayed vaccine schedules may reduce the risk of disability
In one study children were given the full 4 shot series of DPT vaccines. It was then determined that children who received the 1st shot 2 months later had their risk of developing asthma reduced by half. While this study is not on autism, it showed that changes in vaccine schedule can reduce disregulation of the immune system, a common problem associated with autism.


There are several other research studies that show a link between environmental cause of autism and symptoms similar to those caused by vaccines. Although conclusions on this matter are hard to accurately make, the existence of a link or risk factor connecting vaccines and autism cannot be denied. Carrying out experiments and research studies on human subjects is not possible, which mean researchers are only left with the option of surveys and statistic analysis. Nonetheless, it is undeniable that only very few unvaccinated children are known to have autism and it is such a rarity. This is not the same for vaccinated children as there seem to be many of them with the condition or other forms of ADHD and neurological diseases.

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